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Presenting a brand-new e-book entitled “Your Vacation Reboot” by best selling author professor J.R. Johnson
Don’t worry! There’s a cure!
Yes, I know. I had the same problem back in the day.
But do yo u really know how to plan your vacation reboot? Have you ever returned from vacation feeling unrested? How many times have you felt unrefreshed, even after a long holiday?
It’s so easy to go on a vacation these days. You can explore your options on the internet. Booking online is easier then ever. Even if you have to travel on a low budget, there’s always a last-minute deal somewhere. There are even guides for those who have a problem getting it together — guides on what to take on vacation in specific locations and how to pack.
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Every issue will focus on a particular theme or principle from the Internal Arts of Tai Chi, Qigong, Zen and Meditation. Each issue provides these insights in a directly applicable, practical way with specific techniques and strategies so that you can immediately use and benefit from them. 
Would you like to increase your Health and Energy Levels on an ongoing basis?What about relief from chronic conditions? How about manage and dissolve stress?
This unique article series is designed to support your ongoing health maintenance and development. The practical knowledge within each issue provides you with the key insights to put the ability to create ever greater health, energy and vitality within your hands.
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